Original Art

Original Art by Nicholas P. Santoleri

Dog Blankets original art pencil drawing
“Dog Blankets” by N. Santoleri

Santoleri, widely known for his watercolor paintings and pencil drawings, has also worked with various other mediums including oil, acrylic, and pen & ink.  On this page, you have easy access (links) to original art by medium, commissioned artworks, portraits, and reproductions (open and limited edition prints). Nicks favorite medium changes as time goes on. There were years that he only worked in watercolor, and at least a year were pencil was his only medium. He has won major awards for his pencil work and his acrylic paintings, as well as his watercolors. Being a realist he tries to create artwork that transcends the medium. In his award-winning acrylic painting “Sunday Afternoon” he painted a Wyeth like painting that has been mistaken for an”egg tempera” on many occasions. See a large array of Nick’s original art here.

Original Artwork (Medium):
Original Artwork (Subject or Style):
  • Portraits
  • Still life
  • Landscape
    • Plein Air
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Nicholas P. Santoleri ~ Artist      Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania

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