Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Paintings back in the early 1970’s, while in high school, were  questionable as to how long they would last. I asked my art teacher and she said “no one knows for sure  since it is a relatively new medium. Maybe 25 years or more”.  Well, I still have some of those paintings today and they appear as vivid as they were the day I painted them. It seems that the only variable was the canvas (substrate) quality that I painted on. When I was college I painted on gessoed fine linen canvas. and used high quality acrylic paint (for that time period) and the are still in pristine condition. Fast forward 40 years and the quality of the paint that I use is superb. and I will only paint on substrates (the canvas or gessoed panels) that are the “top of the line”. I am confident that the acrylic paintings I paint today will last hundreds of years into the future.

Pope Francis Painting in progress - Acrylic Paintings by N. Santoleri
Pope Francis Painting in progress by Santoleri

"Dreadlocks" - Acrylic Paintings by N. Santoleri
“Dreadlocks” Acrylic Painting on Panel 2015 by Nicholas P. Santoleri

“Dreadlocks”  – Available for $5,000

Sunday Afternoon - Acrylic Paintings by N. Santoleri
“Sunday Afternoon” Acrylic Painting on Panel by N. Santoleri 2010

“Sunday Afternoon” – Not For Sale

Flower Girl - Acrylic Paintings by N. Santoleri
“Flower Girl”  Acrylic Painting on Panel 2012-2013 by N. Santoleri

“Flower Girl” – Sold

Feather Earrings - Acrylic Paintings by N. Santoleri
“Feather Earrings” Acrylic Painting on panel by  N. Santoleri  2010

“Feather Earrings” – Miniature Portrait Available for $1,850

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