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Commission Artwork


Commissioned artwork allows me the economic stability to pursue my creative passions.  Many commissioned pieces have inspired future pieces.  In fact, sometimes a commissioned piece can lead me to a new artistic phase never previously considered.  My desire to satisfy every customer has resulted in pieces I consider to be my best work.  If you commission artwork from me, you can follow the progression of the piece on www.PaintingInProgress.com  

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Commissioning a Painting or Pencil Drawing

Landscape Commissions: 

Commissioning a landscape is exhilarating for both the artist and the patron. It provides them with an opportunity to preserve a piece of both local and personal history; freezing a moment in time, making it timeless.

Portrait Commissions:

Portrait fees, scheduling, timeline, and other information.

Portrait Fees, Scheduling, Timeline, Etc

Wall Murals:

Similar to commissioning a landscape painting, commissioning a mural is typically much larger, painted in acrylic paint and completed on a tighter schedule.

University and School Prints:

For info on how to commission a print of your university, college, or school. 

Click here for more schools and universities:  www.UniversityArtPrints.com

Pencil Drawing and Prints:

Nick has won numerous Best of Show awards for his pencil drawings: www.PencilDrawing.com

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"Future Santoleri Painting" with Creative Assistant Susan A. Beck

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