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Commission Artwork

Commission artwork allows me the economic stability to pursue my creative passions.  Many commissioned pieces have also inspired future pieces.  Sometimes a commissioned piece can even lead me to a new artistic phase I never previously considered.  This desire to satisfy every customer  has resulted in pieces I consider to be my best work.  If you would like to commission artwork from me, you can follow the progression of the piece on www.PaintingInProgress.com .  ~  Thank You, Nick


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Commissioning a Painting or Pencil Drawing


Landscape paintings of buildings brimming with character and charm are among Nick’s favorite subjects. Pencil drawings, watercolors and ink drawings are his preferred mediums for smaller landscapes. Larger paintings are usually created in oil or acrylic on either canvas or panel. The time needed to complete an original depends on many factors, including size, complexity and currently scheduled obligations. Prices vary according to the size and complexity of the work.  Check Nick’s list of all currently available original art for general prices. 

Portrait Commissions:

Portrait Commissions:  Portrait fees, scheduling, timeline, and other information. Process similar to landscapes above.

Still Life Commissions: Portrait fees, scheduling, timeline, and other information. Process similar to landscapes above.

Still life Commissions

University and School Prints:

University and School Prints: – For information on commissioning a print of your university, college, or school, Click here.  To see other completed Schools and universities at  www.UniversityArtPrints.com

Other Artwork:

Other Art

Pencil Drawing and Prints:

Nick has won numerous Best of Show awards for his pencil drawings. See www.PencilDrawing.com for more of his pencil work.

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If you have any additional questions about commissioning artwork by Nicholas Santoleri  Contact us or call our studio/gallery 610-995-2047.

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