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Plein Air Artist | Studio Artist

Painting Plein Air Max Compressed
Painting Plein Air

Plein Air Artist | Studio Artist– I crave working in The Great Outdoors. As I get older, I tend to need more sunlight to keep my life in balance. Light and air, intrinsic to life, are also crucial for a successful painting. As a result, most of my compositions for landscape paintings are competed Plein Air, outside the four walls of my studio. It is gratifying to watch the light play on the various elements of my subject, and to appreciate the subtleties of color and tone as the day lengthens and they deepen into shadow.

I am even able infuse my paintings with what I am hearing during these excursions: the trill of birdsong visually becomes a feathered friend, the whistling wind visually becomes a turning of leaves, the skittering of paws visually becomes a furry squirrel. In my painting of the water trough (seen below) the utter stillness and peacefulness of the farm is reflected in the cool clear water and the empty square panes.

Plein Air Painting 7 hrs. Plein Air Artist
Water Troth 50 Years Later by Nick Santoleri
Plein Air Painting at Kuerner Farm April 15, 2018 Sold

When in Brandywine…

I was honored to be invited by the Brandywine Conservancy to paint plein air at Kuerner’s Farm, childhood playground of Andrew Wyeth. Throughout his life, Wyeth drew artistic inspiration here, creating hundreds of his paintings here- many of the farm itself. I came to the farm wanting to see it and feel it the way Wyeth did. I decided to paint the water trough in the tradition of Wyeth’s Spring Fed, a personal favorite of mine.

Painting at Kuerner Farm April 15, 2018 Time 6.5 hrs.
Painting at Kuerner Farm April 15, 2018. Time: Seven Hours

Kuerners Farm 001 by Nick Santoleri Plein Air Artist
Kuerners Farm 2001 by Nick Santoleri

Working on site 05
Santoleri Working on Site in 2005

Plein air art compositional drawing by Santoleri
Turtle Crossing Compositional Study by Nick Santoleri

Little Brook Farm Compositional Drawing Plein air art
Little Brook Farm Compositional Study, Drawn on-site by Nick Santoleri

This composition was drawn on-site in three hours.  After the client approved the composition, I returned to the farm to draw more sketches and photograph the farm.  The watercolor painting took four weeks to complete back in the studio.

See Studio Painting of Little Brook Farm ➡ 

Chester County Plein air art drawing by Santoleri
Chester County Farm Plein Air Drawing by Nick Santoleri

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Nick Santoleri ~ Artist  |   Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania

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