Adopt a Painting

Would You Like to Adopt a Painting?

Adopt a Painting is a unique idea inspired by Nick’s unfinished pieces.  Usually, when an idea comes to mind, Nick draws a sketch.  In slow times, he is able to create a finished drawing but like any artist, his commissioned pieces take precedent and sometimes prevent him from finishing the spec pieces.  The unrealized potential in these unfinished works spawned the idea of adopting a painting. These pieces have such beautiful potential but they remain unfinished.  This is where you, as a patron of the arts, come in.

When you adopt a painting, a masterpiece becomes yours.  You will be able to watch an orphaned piece come to life in the painting in progress section.  As Nick would usually charge a gallery commission fee, this would be waived in the case of adoption.  You would be discounted approximately 1/3 off the usual price of his pieces.

Here are some of Nick’s dormant pieces with an imaginable finish you can bring to life.  I hope you will consider this unique opportunity.  Just choose an existing unfinished work, set a reasonable adoption date, and upon completion, the fully framed painting is yours.  

A Selection of Paintings Available for Adoption:

Artist Assistant, Susan, in Photos for Scale

Examples of Pencil Drawings, Nick would like to create a watercolor or acrylic painting of :

“Peaceful Afternoon” see Drawing

“The Gate” see Drawing

“The Wish” see Drawing

“Serenity” see Drawing

“Wanna Play” see Drawing

In addition, if you envision an existing pencil drawing of Nick’s as a painting, let us know.  pencil drawing

How to Commission Original Artwork by Santoleri:

Commission Santoleri Artwork

Nick Santoleri ~ Artist  |   Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania

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