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Cape May Art

Cape May Art created by Nicholas Santoleri over the last 25 years.


After Labor Day - Cape May Art by Santoleri
After Labor Day By Nicholas Santoleri

For the last quarter of a century, painting and drawing the Cape May’s Victorian homes has been a large part of Nick’s artwork. The architecture of Cape May attracted Nick’s attention during the early 1990s and captivated his creative talents for two decades. The following paintings and drawings are the best examples of Santoleri’s Cape May art. Award-winning images such as “Angel of the Sea” and “After Labor Day” became instant successes with the help of galleries such as Washington Street Gallery.  Nick maintained a condominium in Cape May for about fifteen years, during which he spent many weeks each year painting commissioned paintings of many a bed and breakfast, some presented here. Washington Street Gallery

“My favorite time to be in Cape May and paint was in the early spring and in the late fall. My painting “After Labor Day” 1990 was my first painting of Cape May. The painting and prints of that painting were received well by those who loved the Christian Admiral, a building that was slated to be torn down.”…Nick Santoleri

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Beach Drive - Cape May Art by Santoleri
“Beach Drive” by Nicholas Santoleri 2000

Angel of The Sea - Cape May Art by Santoleri

“Angel of the Sea” by Nicholas Santoleri

The Southern Mansion Santoleri
“The Southern Mansion” by N. Santoleri 1997

Special Delivery - Pencil Drawing by Nick Santoleri
“Special Delivery” Pencil Drawing by Nick Santoleri

Cape May Castles Pencil Drawing By Santoleri
“Cape May Castles” Pencil Drawing By Santoleri

Springtime Stroll Santoleri
“Springtime Stroll” watercolor painting by N. Santoleri

A View of Columbia Avenue Santoleri
“A View of Columbia Avenue” by N. Santoleri 1996

Nick is very interested in being commissioned to paint future paintings of Cape May. Please contact us. 🙂

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Nick Santoleri ~ Artist  |   Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania