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Saint Josephs University 2

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Print.
Reproduced from the original watercolor painting by N. Santoleri

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Saint Josephs University 2 by Santoleri
“Saint Josephs University 2” by N. Santoleri 2001

This view of the stately Barbelin Building is fondly etched in the minds of all Saint Josephs University students, past and present. The magnificent tower is an ever present inspiration as they make their way across campus to classes, sporting events, and other gatherings. This painting was the second image painted by and put into print by Nick Santoleri, thus the name “Saint Josephs University 2”

The original painting was purchased by Saint Joseph’s University and is in the university’s permanent collection.

This limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist, was reproduced from the original watercolor of the same name, using the highest quality craftsmanship and printing on fine neutral pH balanced paper.

About this edition:

  • The original watercolor painting was created in 2001.
  • The print image size is 12 x 20 (height by width in inches).
Artwork Status Price Purchase
Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print, Regular Edition. 950 Prints SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Artist Proof Edition 50 Prints SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Remarque Print 50 Remarqued Prints Available $500
One Pack of Note Cards 10 (5" x 7") Note Cards & 10 Envelopes Available $20

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Nicholas Santoleri ~ Artist      Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania