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Springtime’s Splendor

A Commissioned Watercolor Painting by Nicholas Santoleri (2014) 

Springtimes Splendor
Springtimes Splendor

Mr and Mrs. Wilson – Rosemont, PA | Private Commission

Springtimes Splendor – Many photos were taken to determine the best vantage point for the painting over a six week period in the Spring (2014). In consultation with the homeowner, it was decided that the finished composition would be a Spring in full bloom painting with a straight on view of the house. The photos below,  taken in the last week in April so that I could capture the detail of the home through the trees before the dogwoods and azaleas were in full bloom. The slideshow highlights this creative timeline.

  • Mr and Mrs W 01

  • The first possibility was from the left side angle.
  • A composition pencil drawing was started. It was approximately 11 x 14 inches. This was done so that I can “see” the final watercolor in my mind.
  • The second possibility was a straight on view. New photos were taken.
  • A second composition drawing was started, also approximately 11 x 14 inches.
  • Spring elements were introduced.  Photos of dogwoods and azaleas were studied. And once we could see the final painting in our mind…
  • The painting was then started. First it was drawn out in pencil on watercolor paper. The drawing was started at the art studio and much time was spent working on site. I also returned a number of times to get updated photographs consistent with the  2:30 to 3:00 afternoon lighting and to see the progression of the blooming trees and bushes.
  • You can see the progression of the painting in the slides. First the house is brought to life in a gradual process that enhances the detail. Then the dogwoods and azaleas were added in to complete the composition. And finally, the finished painting, “Springtime’s Splendor”.

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