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Pencil Drawing- Page 2


Original pencil drawings by artist Nicholas Santoleri.
This is Page 2 of the pencil drawing section of www.Artitst1.com

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Pencil Quotation “Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.” Henri Cartier-Bresson.

The Wish by N. Santoleri 2011
“The Wish” by N. Santoleri 2011 pencil

“The Wish”
(2011)  16″ x 14″   Gone

Roman Catholic High Santoleri
“Roman Catholic High School ” by N. Santoleri 2012
“Roman Catholic High School” 
(2012)  11″ x 14″   Gone


The Gate Santoleri
“The Gate” by N. Santoleri

“The Gate”  
(2011)   11″ x 14″   Gone

Serenity Santoleri
“Serenity” by N. Santoleri pencil

(2011)   16″ x 14″  Gone


Santoleri The Art Spirit
“The Art Spirit” by N. Santoleri 2012 pencil

“The Art Spirit”
(2011)   11″ x 14″   Available for Sale

Wanna Play Santoleri
“Wanna Play” by N. Santoleri

Wanna Play” 
(2011)  14″ x 11″   Available


Peaceful Afternoon Santoleri
“Peaceful Afternoon” by N. Santoleri
“Peaceful Afternoon” 
(2011) 14″ x 11″  Gone


Woman With Tricorner Hat Santoleri
“Woman With Tricorner Hat” by N. Santoleri
“Woman with Tricorner Hat” 
(2011) 16″ x 14″   Available for Sale


Dog Blankets Santoleri
“Dog Blankets” by N. Santoleri
“Dog Blankets” 
(2011) 11″ x 14″    Available for Sale


Hans Herr House Santoleri
“Hans Herr House” by N. Santoleri
“Hans Herr House 2” 
(2011) 11″ x 14″  Gone


feather earrings Santoleri
“Feather earrings” by N. Santoleri 2010
“Feather Earrings” 
(2010)   8.75″ x 13.25″   Available for Sale


West Chester University Santoleri
“West Chester University” by N. Santoleri
“West Chester University” 
(2011)  11″ x 14″  Available for Sale


John Chads House Santoleri
“John Chads House” by N. Santoleri 2010
“John Chads House” 
(2010) 14″ x 11″   Available for Sale


Farmers and Mechanics Santoleri
“Farmers and Mechanics” by Santoleri
“Farmer’s and Mechanic’s Building” 
(2010) 14″ x 11″    Gone


Elfreths Alley Santoleri
“Elfreths Alley” by N. Santoleri 2010
“Elfreth’s Alley”  ( 2010)


Oakbourne Tower Santoleri
“Oakbourne Tower” by N. Santoleri 2010 print reproduced from original pencil drawing
“Oakbourne Water Tower” 
(2010 ) 14″ x 11″   Available for Sale


El Capitan by Santoleri
“El Capitan” by Santoleri Pencil
“El Capitan”
(2010)   10″ x 8″   Gone


Pencil Drawing in Progress by N. Santoleri
“Pencil Drawing in Progress” by N. Santoleri 2010
“Drawing in Progress”  
(2010)  7.75″ x 9.75″   Gone


Saint Pauls Santoleri
“Saint Paul’s” by N. Santoleri
St. Paul’s Church”  Exton,  PA
14″ x 11″  (2010)   Gone


Believe by Santoleri
“Believe” by N. Santoleri 2010
“Believe” (2010)
10.5″ x 8.5″   ♠ 
Available for Sale


Emerging Hope Santoleri 2011
“Emerging Hope” by N. Santoleri 2010 pencil drawing
“Emerging Hope” (2010)
10.5″ x 8.5″  
Available for Sale


The Wedding by N. Santoleri
“The Wedding” by N. Santoleri 2010 pencil portrait
PencilWedding commission pencil drawing
by Nick Santoleri Gone


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Nick Santoleri ~ Artist  |   Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania