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Bartram Covered Bridge II

Acrylic Painting Coming Soon Fall of 2019

This limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. It is reproduced from the original Acrylic painting of the same name, using the highest quality craftsmanship on fine, neutral pH balanced paper.

As the years’ pass, I tend to return to scenes which resonate with me the most. When I painted Bartram Bridge in 2008, I was overcome with sentiment for the last remaining covered bridge in Delaware County. Now as another decade passes, I am revisiting the sight of this local treasure to capture it yet again, in all its clandestine charm. The creek in the foreground provides an element of endurance, a living metaphor for the structural fortitude of the covered bridge.

The Kissing Bridge

Known locally as The Kissing Bridge, The Bartram Covered Bridge is thought to have been the place where area locals courted their sweethearts. Beneath the cover of the wooden planks and away from prying eyes, they could steal a kiss from the one who stole their heart. Even today, young and old can be seen strolling hand in hand across the picturesque span.

Why Are They Covered?

There are many reasons why the bridge builders covered them. One reason was to keep snow and ice from the roadway. Another way to support and protects the structure from weathering and rot. Finally, the structures resembled barns, which may have kept the cattle calmer when crossing. But whatever the reasons, the few covered bridges that remain continue to delight and enchant us. Bartram Bridge,

History of the Bridge

Located in Newtown Square, the Bartram Covered Bridge over Crum Creek spans the county line between Delaware and Chester Counties. Most noteworthy, the bridge’s unique design and unusual slanted plank portals make it the only one of its kind in Pennsylvania.

Ferdinand Wood designed the 80′ x 13′ bridge to be, ‘as high and wide as a load of hay.’ In fact, until just recently, the words, ‘Lincoln Save Union and Congress’ were still visible inside the bridge. However, the bridge’s recent 1995 restoration erased the last traces of this 1860 graffiti. The bridge has been closed to traffic since 1941 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Thanks to a joint preservation commission between the counties, future generations will enjoy this historic treasure for years to come.

Prints Available Fall 2019

Artwork Status Price Purchase
Original Watercolor Painting "Bartram Bridge II" Original (one of a kind) SOLD Commissioned Painting
Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print, Regular Edition. 500 Prints Available $125
Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Artist Proof Edition 50 Prints Available $250
Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Remarque Print 50 Remarqued Prints Available $500
One Pack of Note Cards 10 (5" x 7") Note Cards & 10 Envelopes Available $20

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