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Get Down from There, You’re Scaring the Fish

Original watercolor painting by Nicholas Santoleri. This painting has also been reproduced in a open edition, signed reproduction available in two sizes.

Get down scaring the Fish MAX Compressed
Get Down from There, You’re Scaring the Fish

Title:  Get Down from There, You’re Scaring the Fish
Medium:  Watercolor on Arches Watercolor Paper
Year of Completion:   
Image Size:     
19.5  ″ x  14 ″
Yes  |  Overall Framed Size:   31 ″ x  26 ″
Available: Yes | Price:  $ 4,500   

So many times, we rush through life failing to notice the details. This watercolor of turtles and fish celebrates what the untrained eye might otherwise miss: a tableau of turtles resting on logs in the river. Camouflaged to blend seamlessly into the watery surround, the scene might easily be overlooked, if not for the artist’s discerning eye.

Although he is known primarily for his landscapes, Nick Santoleri often embraces the opportunity to study and then elevate the smaller details within a scene. He then creates a little narrative of his subject, like the one pictured here. Inspired by turtles and fish seen in the canal at Manyunk, Nick’s use of watercolor became the perfect medium for recalling such a scene. He blends cool blues and greens with splashes of yellow to mimic natures’s own unerring artistry. The water gently ripples around the hungry crew. Meanwhile, a pair of fat fish lurk below the watery surface as the turtle family prepares to catch their supper.

As a young child, Nick remembers going fishing and being admonished by the older fishermen to “get down from there, you’e scaring the fish!” Here, his turtle extends a green and gold head to scold his young in similar fashion, bringing that whimsical touch so characteristic of a Santoleri creation.

Prints that focus on animal life are always a perfect choice for a child’s room, for a den or even for the bath! Bring a fanciful touch to your home by bringing a little piece of the great outdoors- indoors!

Artwork Status Price Purchase
Original Watercolor Painting "Get Down from There, You’re Scaring the Fish " Available-One of a Kind Available Framed for $4,500
Open Edition Prints. Image size is 13..25" x 20" Hand Signed Prints. Printed on 17" x 24" fine art paper. Available $100
Open Edition Prints. (Small Size) Image size is 9" x 13" Hand Signed Prints. Printed on 14" x 17" fine art paper. Available $40
One Pack of Note Cards 10 (5" x 7") Note Cards & 10 Envelopes Available $20

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Nick Santoleri ~ Artist  |   Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania