Art Note Cards Page 2

Art Note Cards – Page 2
Black and White Images from Pencil Drawings

 Page 1 (color images from paintings)
Page 2  This Page (black and white images from pencil drawings)
Page 3 (university and school related)

Lucy Finished Pencil Drawing by Santoleri
On the Roads to Strodes by Santoleri
“On the Roads to Strode’s”
October Surprise Pencil Drawing by Nick Santoleri
“October Surprise”
View from Alamo Square by Santoleri
“View from Alamo Square”
Ocean Pathway pencil drawing by Nick Santoleri
“Ocean Pathway”
Special Delivery - Pencil Drawing by Nick Santoleri
Special Delivery – Pencil Drawing by Nick Santoleri
Washington Memorial Chapel Pencil drawing by Santoleri
“Washington Memorial Chapel”
Sandy Hook Light - Pencil Drawing By N. Santoleri
“Sandy Hook Light”
Newtown Square Quaker Meeting - Pencil Drawing by Santoleri
“Newtown Square Quaker Meeting”
Manayunk Pencil Drawing by N. Santoleri
Cape May Castles Pencil Drawing By Santoleri
“Cape May Castles”
Transitions Pencil Drawing by Nick Santoleri
Font-Hill-in-Progress 03
Pope Francis Pencil Drawing by Nick Santoleri 2015
Pope Francis in Rome
Birmingham Octogon School
“Birmingham School”
Merion Tribute Santoleri
“Merion Tribute”
Providence Santoleri
Hood School Santoleri
“Hood Schoolhouse”
Saint Mary's Santoleri
“Saint Mary’s”
As The Crow Flies by N. Santoleri 2013 pencil
“As The Crow Flies” pencil

Flower Girl Santoleri“Flower Girl” by N. Santoleri 2011

"Waiting For Santa" by N. Santoleri
“Waiting For Santa”
Amish Horses Study Santoleri
“Amish Horses Study”
Peaceful Afternoon Santoleri
“Peaceful Afternoon”
The Gate Santoleri
“The Gate”
The Wish by N. Santoleri 2011
“The Wish”
Serenity Santoleri
Wanna Play Santoleri
“Wanna Play”
Dog Blankets Santoleri
“Dog Blankets” by N. Santoleri
Hans Herr House Santoleri
“Hans Herr House”
Guardiagrele, Italy
Guardiagrele. Italy


Nicholas Santoleri ~ Artist      Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania