Plein Air Art

Plein Air Art
Working on site 05
Working on site 05

Plein Air art.

Welcome to the “Plein Air” section of my website. I am currently gathering photos of past plein air paintings and drawings that I completed in the past. Soon, I shall present them here.

Most of my compositional drawings for landscape paintings are competed “Plein Air”.  I enjoy and crave working out doors. As I get older I seem to need more sunlight to keep in balance.

Plein air art compositional drawing by Santoleri
“Turtle Crossing” Compositional Drawing by Santoleri


Little Brook Farm Compositional Drawing Plein air art
Little Brook Farm – compositional drawing, drawn on site

The compositional drawing (above) was drawn on site in 3 hours.  When the client approved the composition. I returned to the farm and drew more sketches and photographed the farm.  The completed watercolor painting  took me 4 weeks to paint, back in the studio. See Studio Painting of “Little Brook Farm”  ➡ 

 Some of my Plein Air Pencil Drawings
Chester County Plein air art drawing by Santoleri
Chester County Farm –  Plein air art drawing by Santoleri


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