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The What's New Page

We are constantly updating  and Nick is working on new pieces every month. On this page, you'll be able to see whenever Nick has completed a new piece, if he's working on something in or , or if we've launched a new section of .

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New on March 29th, 2012 - Updated  Artist Statement

See painting that Nick is currently working on.

See drawing that Nick is currently working on.
See some of Nick's past drawing.  
See some of Nick's past portrait drawings and paintings.

Some of Nick's planned art projects.

 This is a listing of Nick's upcoming art shows and print signings...



Web Site Changes            

We are continually reorganizing our site.

Many of our pages now have a domain name pointing to them. This will allow anyone typing a pointing domain to go directly to the part of our website that they are most interested in.

examples :   

When you come to a page with its own domain it will clearly be marked at the top of the page. In the future you can surf through our site or go directly to that page by typing the domain into your browsers address line.

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.  



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